legal Hot Sauce and Kombucha

So I'm working on a kombucha hot sauce and i am unsure what new license ill need for that.
I have all the permits/licenses needed for normal hot sauce. But this new sauce would need to be refrigerated because I am not cooking the kombucha rather adding it at the end right before bottling.
Is there a refrigeration license or anything?
sknxvll said:
Like with probiotics etc in it? Sorry if that's a stupid question, just curious if that's on the lines of what ur looking to do :)
not a stupid question! yes they would still have the probiotics that come from the kombucha. The sauce isn't fermented or anything, just cooked normally in vinegar. 
No idea about in WA but here in IL if you want to sell perishable (must be refrigerated) items like sauces & dressings you must have an ANSI accredited certified food protection manager license and the production of your perishable food product must be done at a licensed kitchen facility.  The ANSI accredited course can be done online and any commercial kitchen holding a food production license (any restaurant, community kitchen, catering operation) can host your production.  Since kombucha is fermented with an already low pH (usually 2.6 - 3.5) adding some to your cooked down sauces won't do much other than alter the texture/flavor of the final product.  Best practices would indicate such a sauce should be refrigerated though, so kudos to you for thinking of it.   
Howdy WA neighbor! Welcome to THP.

Contact WSDA. I would guess it would have similar regulations as sauerkraut. I sell a refrigerated fresh salsa with a stated shelf life of 30 days. This puts it in a classification that doesnt require a ton of testing and regulations.

As a hot sauce, i dont think you would want to do the 30 days expiry date. Maybe so ???

Sounds like you have some licensing. If you have a state inspector you have been working with, talk to them. Another thing to consider is in state vs out of state sales. It is much easier to get licensed for in state only for interesting items like kombucha hot sauce. Out of state sales require FDA licensing....which could be a huge headache.

Good luck! Let us know what you find out and how you are progressing.