heat Hottest Pepper you grew in 2023 ........?

The yellow 7pot brain strain that I grew is pretty darn hot but this week I used a couple of the smallest SB7J pods that I also grew in a stir fry and boy that was also really hot!
I had 4 very hots (hotter than Ghosts) Lava Apocalypse, Reaper, Dragons Breath and what I am calling a Reaper mutant-smoother skin, larger pods with fast heat like a Lava but hotter like a reaper., heat lasts a while. The Dragon's Breath is the hottest and it does not like to let go quickly, but the pods are a lot smaller than any of my Reapers.
7 Pot Fried Chicken
The hottest I brought to fruition from seed this year was probably a "dead heat" (sorry 😊) between De Cayenne and Langlang, since my Capela Gelb - which should have been hotter - turned out to be a rogue seed. Bought an Orange Habanero and a Naga Morich plant late on in the season which were both, unsurprisingly, much hotter than my own babies. Saved seeds from both for the coming season, which together with the Carolina Reaper seeds the wife bought me should ensure that I won't have to do any late supplementing next year :party:.
The hottest one I ever grew was a 7 pot Douglah from seeds I got from AJ Drew several years ago.
He sent me some of his Carolina Reaper pods around the same time, and I couldn't tell the difference between the two pungency-wise. :fireball: