heat Hottest yellow/white super hot I have ever tried!

You definitely bought a first class ticket to ride the pain train with this one! Wow! Great job; much respect... that was intense!
The inner ear pressure/burn is no joke. I get that quite a bit myself when something is hot enough (it usually goes with feeling it down the jaw line and into the lymph nodes under the chin/neck area as well). Thanks for the vid Steven. 
Holy crap. That's honestly the first pod review I've ever seen where I started getting worried for the reviewer. You know it's hot when you can't talk so you have to point to the parts of your body that are getting burned, haha. Wow. That looked insane

I'm curious though, if you don't mind me asking, what sort of pheno are you aiming for to stabilize? The Chocolate Bhutlah and MoA just seem like they couldn't be any farther apart in terms of flavor, color, and shape, ya know? Practically complete opposites :think:
Wow, good and brave review!
I watched it with my 10 year old daughter. She added some color:

"Just eat it, man!" She can't take the build-up.

"He wants to show us the pepper on the inside, what it looks like. He's an enthusiast."

Doesn't understand.
You eat the pepper.

"What's the matter with him? He looks like a 2 year old who lost his Teddy Bear."
"Do you remember when I made your cousin eat that hot pepper last summer? It's probably 10-20 times hotter than that."
Fear. "I'm never doing that!"