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lighting How do you guys automate your growlights?

Out of curiosity, do you guys use a time switch or something of the likes for your grow lights? I'm getting tired of switching them on in the morning and then at night, turning them of again. Forgetting to do either every once in a while. :)

I am looking to add some kind of time switch. Maybe analog or digital. That, or I could use a smart power plug and connect it to Google Home.

I have three main (Spider Farmer SF600) grow lights and two older (TL?) lights that came with a seperate propagator, that I only use when I run out of room. Mainly looking to automate the three Spider Farmer grow lights.

Any tips on how you guys have this set up are appreciated. What's easiest to use?
I use a mechanical timer, it's cheap and works very well.

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I think I want to be able to seperate the three grow lights in timing. So that would mean I would need three plugs.

As I've blown away my gardening budget for this season on pepper seeds (only partly kidding here), I need to save up first. 😅
Another digital timer user. I switched over from the mechanical ones a while back, mainly because of the battery backup feature. It was always a pain in the azz to have to reset the mechanicals after a power loss. This is the one I use. I've been using it two years, without issues. It has two outlets, but only one timer.

They have now come out with this one, which is two outlets and TWO timers.
I run everything but my LEDs off of a timered panel using 220v. More efficient but, you want to balance the wattage at the panels receptacles. I started doing this when I was running HPS and MH lighting years ago. They operated better and weren’t as crazy money as 110v was on my electrical meter/bill. Today’s LED lighting can be operated through a cheap outlet timer. GE makes a digital power strip with built in timer for each outlet (6) on the strip individually or an all on setting.


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I use several different timers inside and outside.
The latest one I've tried and really like is the Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug KP400:
It was only $25 US from Amazon.
Me too. Fairly easy to use with Alexa too. Set up a routine that turns it on and off at select times. I use these with "her" so I can sit on my rear and tell her to turn things on and off. Then I have to walk around the garden to make up for not getting up to turn something on... Cheers!