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sun How much sun is too much?

I think my pepper plants are getting damaged from too much sun. I have my plants in containers on my deck where they get some morning sun and afternoon sun.

Today it was quite hot out and my plants were wilting and the leaves looked damaged. I water them and put them in the shade and when I went to check on them later some larger leaves looked quite bad and easily broke off (see below)

Is this from the sun? Or a case of under watering? Or over watering? I'm new to this and from what I read they turn yellow when over watered, but get burn marks when in intense sun.

Since they are in containers do I need to worry about over watering? (A little bit every day or two?)

Thank you.
Every year, when the temperatures rise (topping 85-90F. degrees) the same thing happens to me.
The largest leaves (are also the oldest) turn yellow and fall off. Just as some flowers do not set, the stem turns yellow and they fall.
I have to point out that the environmental humidity here on the island is quite high; normally 60-70% (so it is the sum of heat and humidity).
Only when the plants are full of pods and flowers, then this happens.

I never gave importance to this. Maybe I should give it, but I've never had a bigger problem than a few fallen leaves and flowers.
I don't know how much sun will be too much for a pepper. My plants receive sun from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., with a UV radiation index in summer between 11 and 13%. On "paper" this seems crazy, but peppers, tomatoes and eggplants withstand it perfectly... even if old leaves fall from time to time.
I think that everything is alright for you. Enjoy!!
i don't think you should worry to much about it, that process is happening for me even indoors. its probably just the plant getting rid of leaves it doesn't need and start growing other leaves. if you were watering it to much you would see white salt looking thing on the leaves called edema.
It's nothing major to worry about if you've got leaves falling off, It's all part of the fun.... the leaves don't last forever. Over watering does seem to cause the leaves to turn yellow and die but remember when these dead leaves fall off it helps promote the new ones to come through. Same as if you've got pods that aren't making it through and are just falling off, the plant will stop wasting its time pouring energy into that pod and will now divert its energy to other pods that are coming through.