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overwintering How much to trim off after winter?

i live in south east Georgia and was able to over winter my plants outside with small shelter and some slight prep. they seem to have survived pretty well, lost some leaves and some of the smaller limbs but the main branches and most the plants look at least halfway decent. they actually produced pods all the way through the winter which was surprising to me. this was my first year growing anything and i let the plants run wild and did zero trimming, and i am now left with what looks like a small pepper jungle. i plan to pull these plants out of the raised bed i have them in and move over to grow bags for them and the rest of the new plants i plan on adding to the collection. so how much should i trim these bad boys back to? i am thinking back to the larger main branches and only leaving a few leaves so they can pretty much regrow from there, is this the best way? any advice would be awesome thanks!



Mr.CtChilihead said:
You should be thinking harvesting not pruning. :rofl:
Unfortunately alot of them are going bad on the plant because they have been sealed up in my little green house for the past month or 2, i tried to pick the ones i could reach from time to time but i cant reach the entire back row or alot of the corners and stuff easily. 
dude that is a super spectacular feat of engineering right there!!!!!!! no way in hell I'd get away with that!!!