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How NOT to address an audience

Scroll down to the video, this dude has had wayyyyy to much red cordial :lol:

That was uncomfortable to watch. I really enjoyed the hand gestures though, especially when he mentioned tools and simulated screw driving. I can't believe someone gave him a Masters Degree in Communication. I also thought it was interesting that he had to fall back on his notes to deliver his alleged favorite quote. Isn't that something he should know by heart?


Did anyone think to sneak out and call the mental hospital during that, um, little display of lunacy...?
Ugh! At least I can say I'm not a native of the same state (just live here, wasn't born here!) The guy had to be over-doing his meds....
Hahahaha! That was a good speech :woohoo: ..... IF IT WAS DONE AT A LUNATICS CONFERENCE!!!!! :crazy: What was his deal with having to scream the whole time and what was that of having to look at his notes the whole time to know what he needed to say SPECIALLY with his favorite quote I agree with Josh he should of known it if it was his favorite....
If you are so passionate about the subject at hand then notes should not have to be used at all, it should come straight from the heart.

I would not have been able to sit through that speech, i would have told him to shut the hell up then walked out :lol:
Haha that was great! Yea, it's hard to believe his enthusiasm when he has to read what he is going to say every 5 seconds. If he could've delivered that speech without the paper, I think his energy might have been quite a bit more infectious.
I love the comment on the Aussie news site- "...did he try to show the number thirteen on two hands???" Good funny Nova, saw this somwhere else a little while ago...