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How to make a pepper plant short and bushy?

Hey, guys. I really want to start growing peppers year-round, but it gets too cold in the winter (duh). I want to start growing inside, but the only place I have room to do it is inside of my close (I also like this idea because I can control the elements better). The only problem is, is that my closet is pretty small, so I don't want it getting too tall. I like short, bushy plants better anyway. Any way to make it grow like this? Thanks!
I cut mine just above where it forks...there are others that "denude" their plants which is stripping all the leaves. Topping works well...

This is my Fatalii last year.
Yes...that's the general idea. Make sure your plants have good light when you do it. I usually wait until they're outside to do this.