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food-safety How to sterilize plastic bottle caps for 5 oz woozy

Hi, I have a question about plastic bottle caps. This is what I do now - 
I run my 5 oz woozy bottles in the dishwasher on Sanitize cycle and remove them. 
Right before bottling, I boil the bottles in hot water and let them air dry. 
After pouring the boiling hot sauce at 210-212 deg, I cap the bottle tightly and invert it. I leave it inverted for several minutes. . 
This is the plastic lid I use - 
IMG_7637 (1).jpg

I am planning to apply for a permit so with this in mind, is there additional sanitizing/sterilization to be done of the plastic lids ? 
The plastic lids cannot be boiled, right? That would ruin the liner I think...
I am not familiar with Starsan I researched as much as possible - should the lids be soaked in a diluted solution of starsan? Will the liquid ruin the plastic cap liner ? 
What is the recommended process, looking for input on this - Really appreciate your help, 


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A more reputable member here posted:
salsalady said:
You can sanitize by baking, by bleach solution or a no-rinse sanitizer (like what's use in beer/wine making). One or the other, no need to do more than one.the
 Do Not sanitize the caps. They will melt in the oven, and if you put them in bleach water, the bleach solution gets under the liner and could contaminate the sauce. The purpose of hot fill/invert/hold process is to sanitize the lid. The 190F sauce comes in contact with the inner surface of the cap and kills the nasties. Always use new caps, do not re-use caps. This is discussed in more detail in the Making Hot Sauce 101 thread.
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