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seeds How will you germinate your 2024 chilli peppers ?

Hi Guy's

How will you be germinating your 2024 chilli pepper seeds ?

Over the year's I simply put 5 seeds in seed cells of fine compost in a propergator this worked pretty well for many years with annum's.

However last year when I was germinating lot's of super hot Chinese I had alot of failures worst of all by the time you have given them 7,14,.....21 day's that's almost a lost month ! ðŸ˜ē Time those of us in the cold wet North can ill afford..........

This then lead to panic ðŸĪŠ and mass ordering of extra seeds and frantic wet paper towel method in a zip lock bag which worked reasonably well :thumbsup: except i had alot of issues with paper drying out if I didn't really good eye on them 😠 which proved tedious. Yes I did get the extra seedlings I wanted but personally I found it alot more hassle.

For me 2024 chilli pepper crop I'm trialing a slightly different method and in my opinion the best method I've used to date 😎


14 cell ice cube tray labled A1 to A7 and B1 to B7 so a chart can be drawn up assigning each cell a variety as to keep track of the occupants ðŸĪž


Soaked rockwool placed in each cell and seeds simply laid on top ! The lid put on the tub and the tub put inside my propergator.

The first sowing is solely capsicum chinense the first germination were at 3 day's ! Lot's on day 4 currently sitting at 6 day's and only waiting on 2 varieties to germinate :party:

This method seems alot less work compared to the paper towel method seems very effective 👍

Most important for those of us with short season's it let's you know what you have to play with much much faster than soil germination.

How will you be germinating..............................

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I am by no means an expert, but in my experience, seed quality, optimal temperature and humidity are the most important variables to keep in mind. I always soak seeds in a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution for 12-24 hours before sowing. I generally use Jiffy pellets (but sometimes soil) placed in a dome sitting over a heat mat controlled by an Inkbird 308 probe (the probe tip is inserted into a pellet so the temperature of all pellets is the same and very accurate). I set the temperature to 28°C (83°F) and most seeds germinate within 10 days or so (there is always some retards though!).

Some have great results using other methods too (ziploc and paper towel, rockwool, etc.) but I prefer to stick to what have worked great for me over the last years! I also live in shorter season area : planting at the end of May/beginning of June and the first frosts occur around September 15 (except this year which took place almost a month later). I sow most of mine in February. Good luck with your grow and keep us posted!
I soak mine in a potassium nitrate solution, then plant directly in the cells in a starter mix, and set the trays on a warming mat.
I'm certainly not an expert on seed starting as I've been reading all the different methods and my head hurts ;) Some i had never heard of! I have however had very good success with putting seeds in a plastic cup of lukewarm (at time of pouring) distilled water and leave overnight. I struggled with superhots in past as they are finicky so obviously do believe where your seeds come from really does matter. I then typically put in 1020 Trays trays with deep inserts (I use many different configurations) with a starter mix and put dome on and under the lights. I have 3 6-shelve units that I use in living room (and one in garage for overflow). Once tomatoes are started (about month after peppers) I typically have over 45 trays (holding potentially 36 or 48 seedlings in each) peppers/tomatoes to transplant into peat pots. I hope to make my own soil mix this coming year so will be looking for that advice soon ;)
Take seeds out of pack...
Put seeds in moist potting soil...
Put in heated propagator at about 26°C

This has always worked for me. No soaking, no teas, no anything but this 😉
I've had ripe pods fall off of a plant into a crack in the concrete that the seeds inside will sprout the following spring..😜
Hi Guy's

First time I've tried the rockwool in ice cube tray in box in heated propergator extremely impressed :thumbsup: 😎

Had all 14 cells germinate in 3 to 8 day's most within 4 or 5 :party:

I mostly sowed 5 seeds per cell if possible..............

I had 3 of 5 self saved Scotch brains Yellow F6 seeds go dark and manky within a couple of day's this method let me quickly resow extra seed's and save the day.


You can see the 3 failed scotch brains seeds left 3rd from the top also if you look carefully you can see sprouted seeds 😀

I soak my seeds in 1.5% H2O2, then in spring water overnight. I put in to wet paper towel, then 2 sets of towels in to a meal-prep snap food container, then set those on top of a heating mat. I refresh the water in the morning and in the evening on the towels. As soon as a seed begins to crack I will see it, so I do not have issues with sprouts growing in to the paper. I will sow 20 seeds just to take the first 5 that pop and dispose of the rest.
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I soak my seeds in water at room temperature until they sink at the bottom then place them on wet paper towel in a plastic container.
I place the container on my running laptop or router as a source of heat. I check daily to make sure that the towel stays wet.
I achieve good germination rate within a week.
Planters Pride 50 cell netted coir trays.

Soak coir plugs in very hot water until fully expanded.

Place plugs in tray(s) on Vivosun heat mat. Let the trays warm up (82°F) for about 24 hours. Place seeds (two per) in plugs, making sure to get them deep into plug. Place lid on tray.



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