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human urine for fertiliser

Hi guys, i was wondering what u think of using human urine for my plants is this a good idea will it stink? what are the down sides?
Depends on hydration levels and diet. Keep yourself well hydrated and for one, avoid asparagus, and you should be good to piddle away! ;)

(Haha... to be honest, I don't know. Does it need to be diluted??)


My father has been placing feeding tubes into the root base of his trees and pissing in them for years. He also has a heated garage that doubles as his man-cave and has a crack in the cement floor he pisses in, suggesting that the pheramones from human urine deter predators such as coons and possums (he raises game fowl). I have no empirical evidence to suggest otherwise, yet I can't help thinking it is crude and he is just lazy and drunk. Maybe he is on to something though. He does enjoy high levels of success at botany and husbandry.
I think there are people out there who even practice peeponics I'm pretty sure they let the we stand for a while then put it in there hydro style system
well yeah it needs to be watered down ,it holds allot of vitimins and minirals that plants need to like potassium etc etc,its widely practiced, i geuss il just give it a try ,ive got a bucket waiting beside the toilet as we speak , i think its a great way of organic gardening and means i can stop buying store brought chems for my chilli's and save alot of money
Diluted beer piss, should be okay in water , my patch is so thick and tall I can quite safely piss in it....but I just use the troughs -never piss on the plants directly.
Never use strong acid tasting pee though............................... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: , it 'll probably burn the roots a bit.

Okay- I lied- I did merrily piss all over the aphids a few times- funny thing is , it works as good as soapy water;).

So, what sayeth the Pepperplantpissologists out there?
This might not be any help as i don't have the link where i read the information, but i did read that human pee is great for compost piles, not sure about taking a piss directly on a plant, i let someone else explain that no experience there.
It's supposed to be great for citrus trees.

Is it good to urinate on Citrus Trees? Maria, QLD

It’s amazing. If you go all the way around a citrus tree, whether it’s a lemon tree or an orange tree, urine is quite high in nitrogen and citrus trees love a high nitrogen fertiliser. It’s a good idea to water it first then have a good pee and then water it again. The best lemon tree I’ve ever seen is one that is the centre of a BBQ area where a football team would come and have a regular beer and BBQ night. It was the biggest and most fantastic lemon tree that I’ve ever seen.

A lot of fertilizer contain urea, been used for centuries.

Some fertilizer out there use processed human waste.
Yep: started compost one year that way. Had one of my brothers pee--he eats decent diet and on no meds--broke down wheat straw, after I wet wheat straw, and broke it down really fast. By July I had a seriously fungal-based medium for AACTea. On plants straight from "spigot"? Eh . . . not; but fruit trees bases? Yes, as has been stated.
Lets make one thing clear: there is no good reason why you should piss directly onto a healthy plant, unless it's a weed. I would suggest testing it with pH strips before using it in your fertigation though.