I am So Ready for BASEBALL Tonight.

I like both teams,which is rare for me to say,& while I give the edge to the Cubs, the Indians have a piece of gold,namely  ANDREW  Miller,the guy is absolutely fantastic,& the others on the team are solid..we'll see.
This will be a great series..& the ticket prices are off the wall,so have to finish work,get the snacks in order :drooling:  & deseed my peppers as I watch the game.Should be fun. :onfire:
Still hard to believe it's actually happening after a lifetime of letdown and we look really solid going in.  I think it's pretty cool that the Indians ended up being in there with us.  General baseball fans absolutely can't lose with this series.  About to leave so I can watch the game with Dad.  In related news, my favorite cap finally entered a state of unwearable and I had to get a new one.  Now I look like a bandwagon Cubs fan.  I've suffered for a lifetime, dammit!
(Dear Heyward, now is the time to figure out what you're meant to be doing at the plate.  Thanks in advance.)
Tonight's Game is at 7pm  as there is rain heading that way,hopefully it can be played in its entirety.
 Wanting  a "GAME' tonight with both teams partaking offensively.
 Andrew Miller...he continues his  :hot: streak.
Should be an Emotional nite at Wrigley..ya think?  Been a while since they played a WS game on that field (1945) & no win since 1908..woo..a century..who's counting? :shame:   So sorry I brought that up,my baaaad ! :shh: