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I guess I live here now.

I made a glog to celebrate my love of peppers.

I planted dozens of seeds. Dozens!


And into them I poured all of my love and hopes and dreams and caring.

They spat upon my love as they fled this plane of existence, one after the other, choosing death over an existence with me.

So I cut open a tomato. From the goddamn grocery store. I threw those gotdanged pathetic nightshade seeds into the most pathetic dirt I could find.

Within a gotdanged week those tomatoes were larger than the 6 goshdarned pepper plants that hadn't seppuku'd themselves yet. They rose up with vigor and blocked out the goldoorned sun from the only things I cared about, my peppers.

My guldurned peppers.

So I threw them into my motherfluffing garden.

And I condensed all my apathy and hatred into a ball and planted it along with some peas, and some beets. And some cauliflower and brocolli.

And some thyme.

And I threw all that garbage into a pile of dirt, and they soon outgrew my mightiest aspirations for my peppers.

My poor gorram peppers.

And you know what's growing really well?

The gurtang strawberries. My strawberries are coming in luscious and plump.

Plump with spite.

Oh, and at one point, I pulled a forgotten onion out of the back of a forgotten bin. It had grown 8 gottam inch stalks in the bin. I thought this was really cool, and allowed my "care" to touch it as I placed it into a pot of soil.

This onion, that had survived in the bottom of a MOTHERFLOCKING BIN, DEVOID OF NUTRIENTS, LIGHT, OXYGEN, AND THE FUNDAMENTAL BUILDINGS BLOCK OF LIFE, immediately began to wither and die under my tender care.



All I wanted was some peppers, maybe that mutterfoxing onion, and I now have a lush and vivacious and productive garden that exists for the sole purpose of vexing me.

...So how goes everybody else?
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