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powder-flake I review Joyner's cappuccino ghost powder via my sinus

TNKS said:
Spell,check,grammer police verses phone auto correct
Epic WIN for true
I don't understand:
-- is "grammer" grammar?
-- is "verses" versus?

I haven't understood this post, or anything posted since.

Dudes, if you can't explain this, i gotta call my doctor... this thread has suddenly got confusing, and i'm beginning to fear i may be experiencing my very first aneurysm.

Please respond... quickly....


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TNKS said:
Your catching on,hang in there
You're the one not catching on it would seem.  Which is unfortunate.  I have a long and documented dislike for you TNKS, dating back to the carolina reaper thread where you were being an internet bully.  Then the bit about mowing the lawn while armed, that was some freaky shit too.  You've insulted me and friends of mine.  I don't appreciate the judgment you express around here.  I'd like it to stop.
The thing is - I know you have some good info and lessons to share here, particularly about craft beer, jerky and peppers.  All that good stuff gets lost because of these outbursts of bullshit TNKS.  If you can be civil and stop taking offense to every perceived slight on this forum, I welcome you to stay and redeem yourself using the good I know is within you.  If you cannot abide by this respectful request, then I think it would be in the best interest for all involved that you be banned.
Crack a beer, eat a pepper.  Marvel at the magnificent world.  Or at least don't bring hate in here ok?
ajdrew said:
I like the cut of your gib ( what ever that is ).  Great beard.  But where you choose to put your spices is... Oh damn.
JoynersHotPeppers said:
Anyone else want me to send them some of this powder to try this out? It is not as hot as other ghost peppers.  :rolleyes:
Stop it! Just stop it! Any more of this kinda talk, and i'm gonna get talked into something i might regret !