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Last year I had some really heavy losses early in the season. Despite planting hundreds of plants I only ended up with a few dozen viable.

So this year I upped the starters, and at the same point in the season I have far less loss - to the point where I expect I may end up with 10x the harvest as I did last year.

I'm worried that it may be too much. I don't have enough outlets lined up for the scale of harvest I think I may get. I REALLY don't want to waste any of them - so any suggestions on possible outlets? Where to sell super-hots in moderately large, but not commercial scale, quantities?

Maybe it won't be an issue - but I would prefer to get ahead of things so I'm not scrambling to sell as I'm picking them off the plants!
There are worse problems to have.
This is true.

If it were me, I’d probably turn them into a mash for production in the off season.
I generally dry mine. That's considered "farm operation" so I don't need to worry about a commercial kitchen for drying. I sell the powders and also use them in my candies. I don't know much about mashes but pretty sure that would at a minimum require a commercial kitchen since it's processing...

It's just that if I can't come up with more markets, I'm probably going to have a LOT more than I can use or sell. I hate to waste.
Let other vendors at the FMs sell on consignment. There is no risk with consignment, if they don't sell it, you take the loss (or inventory back) so you can make some easy handshake deals if they have the table space. Just provide some nice signage of what the peppers are to promote them and provide them with peppers and a sign. There's probably some produce vendors that have no peppers at all that would gladly sell on consignment.