I’d like to send you a free sample of my Trinidad style hot sauce

This hot sauce is called Trini Pepper Sauce, and is a recipe from my family that’s been passed down from five generations. Every time I took a trip back to Trinidad and Tobago, my grandmother would send hot sauce back with me to share with my friends, and it made me start to think about how I could share it with the world.
I just got back from Trinidad and was finally able to secure sourcing of the perfect Scotch Bonnet and Scorpion Peppers for this sauce (it took a while to find the right ones, I can tell more if you’re interested). I’m doing a free limited sample giveaway. Please try the sauce and tell me what you think!
To get the sauce
Just give us your name and mailing address in this link! I'd also appreciate any feedback, there's always room for improvement and variety. Please e-mail staff@trinipeppersauce.co with any suggestions/questions.
The Trini Pepper Sauce Taste
This hot sauce is referred to as ‘peppa sauce’ in Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago is a small country of two islands in the caribbean known for its local cuisine and carnival. Every family has their own recipe and it’s typically added to meals to add flavor and heat. Our peppa sauce is made with freshly picked Scotch Bonnet and Scorpion Peppers imported from Trinidad. The flavor is smooth with hints of garlic, culantro (trinidad cilantro), and papaya. It goes great with chicken, eggs, fish, pizzas, wings, and more. Let us know what you like it best on!
Why I want to give you free sample
I’ve hosted local tasting events, received positive feedback and would like to gain some more. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, as well as any feedback on how we could improve. I plan to roll the momentum and feedback toward my Kickstarter campaign. Here is some of the feedback I’ve gotten from local events:
Great initial kick, didn't last too long, refreshing, sweet aftertaste. Incredibly flavorful...could even try to pick out all the ingredients. -  Mike H.
Love the color. Separates itself from your conventional red hot sauce which gets monotonous and expected. The flavors were new and exciting as well. -  Sameer A.
[SIZE=14.6667px]It has a really unique and fresh flavor. I think that's your selling point -- it doesn't taste processed or sugary and lets the ingredients show through. - Allyson S.[/SIZE]
The spiciness is making me sweat... but the aftertaste is bangin' - Esther L.
I like the flavor a lot, I feel it is very versatile compared to many existing products. Thanks for letting us try it out! - Jeremy W.
Most dope sauce I've ever had. With a great story behind it. If you haven't tried it yet you should! - Cameron L.
Wrap Up
*Fill out this form
*Free shipping anywhere in USA
*Receive hot sauce in the mail
*Please let me know what you think!
EDIT [This went crazy, and I’m out of free samples! Fill out the updated form and I’ll send you an email as soon as we have more sauce available. Thank you so much for your support!]
:welcome:  to the THP forums, Mustafa! It's always nice to see a fellow Carolinian!
I LOVE Trini style 'peppa' sauce!! I’ll never forget my first try of a homemade version; it was incredibly delicious and so refreshing! That’s the first time I (knowingly) tried culantro (shado beni as it was called, I know it goes by culantro in the local Mexican market…) It was made with habaneros though, as no Scotch Bonnets were available – it was still so good, even if not 100% authentic due to the lack of Bonnets.
With that said, I’d certainly love to know any more info about the Scotch Bonnet and Scorpion seeds you mentioned acquiring... I love info like that! The thought of a ‘pepper treasure’ hunt tracking down the best, or tastiest, or most pure strain are reminiscent of an India Jones movie or something - intriguing! Do you have any other pictures besides the one I saw on your website? Scotch Bonnet lovers are always looking for that perfectly lobed Bonnet phenotype. Any additional info would be awesome!!
I hope I can get to try your sauce and that it’s not too late :confused: ... as you’re very likely to get a massive onslaught of requests (in case you don't know that, or aren't prepared... If this is on Reddit or other sites, you’ll probably get 1,000 or more requests easily! Lol!) Love the scorpion logo!
Thanks for the offer!

The Hot Pepper

:welcome: That was a great offer! Hope you guys enjoy the samples. I didn't see this before.

Scoville DeVille said:
I need more than 1 post, for me to NOT feel like this is a massage.
People already received samples. He ran out due to the offer.


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:welcome: Stafa! 
Sounds like you had a great response to the initial offer and the feedback is coming in good!  Good luck on your venture, please keep us posted....and ....
Pics would be good!  We luv pics~~~
Well, I got an email saying I should expect my sample within 1-2 days… 3 days ago. Perhaps Monday will be the day! (there was a note though that there were some printer/shipping label issues… so some may not get theirs and to contact them if nothing shows up. I’ll wait a full week before going that route; I hope I’m not one of those unlucky ones.)
Scoville DeVille said:
I am also curious. Label? Ingredients?