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ID the 5 peppers

Hey guys and gals!
I'm trying to win some sort of Facebook contest and the rules says I can ask friends, so here I am asking you... I already gave it a shot on Monday and didn't get it, so I'm not even sure I'm still elligeable to win. It's more bugging me than the urge to win. It's more about knowing than winning. I'm not a cheater or a rule-abuser/lawyer, so I'm not asking for a direct answer, just a hint from experienced pepper growers/handlers/enthusiast. If you think you can win, you can always join the "Piments Forts Quebec" Facebook group and beat me to it. If you win this, please don't be a moron and ask for a stupid-huge list of "free sauce". I have faith in you guys (it's the internet afterall...). It's from a local starting sauce maker, so I don't want to ruin him from asking a question on a forum...
Here is the question:
Name the five (5) peppers in the picture There is no other rules (I think). So far, the only cue I have (from the OP) is that there is only one habanero in the lot.
This is what I think this is:
Top left: It looks like some sort of red habanero
Top right: I'm pretty sure it's a red Scotch Bonnet
Center: I have no clue, that one is bugging me..
Botom left: At the beginning, I was thinking it was a ghost pepper, but I thnik the pepper skin is too smooth, so maybe a Naga strand (Naga Dorset is my best guess)
Botom right: I was thinking some kind of scorpion strand. The upper part is much (it seems) wider than the bottom part, so maybe a yellow moruga?
Anyway, any help is appreciated. I don't want to cheat, but I'm really curious...
Edit: I spent waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time googling for pepper pictures on that one. If I happen to win, make sure I will let "Dr Piment" know that I asked around here and that my "yearly supply" will only be 2 or 3 bottles of different sauce and I will buy at least one or two from him.