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ID this little guy

there are several of these maybe a hundred living in the crotches of tomatillos and peppers. 


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This should be posted in "Pepper ID", a section specifically for your question.
Try reading before you post.
sorry I'm trying to ID the bug perched in the crotch of the tomatillo branch in the center of the photo. They're very tiny and hard to see details.
Is that the only view that you can get?
Insects are identified based on a variety of characteristics - amongst the most common being:
overall size/shape
shape of abdomen/thorax
shape of head/eyes
shape of wings
leg shape/placement
It's really critical to get as many angles and details as possible for non-common insects.  This one doesn't look all that common. (although it might be in your neck of the woods)
As a first resort, if you have an ag extension office in your area, I'd capture one of them, and take it in for identification.
Thanks, I'll probably have to do just that. O.S.U. should have an office, If I can capture one. They are super had to focus on with my phone camera. Maybe 2-3 mm long. They fly away If I try to capture.  Here's another shot but not super helpful. They have a teardrop shiny black shape viewed from the top. His head is the fat part and the wings are tucked behind him, transparent/iridescent. 


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Uncle_Eccoli said:
I'd like to donate my prize (and the corresponding tax burden) to a deserving charity of cneal's choice.
I've always wondered... Are you the REAL Slim Shady?
In my experience, those things eat some vegetation but they don't really destroy plants. They are an annoyance, but not a disaster. However, I could see them becoming a problem if they were present in sufficient numbers. In my experience, though, they are mostly lone-wolfin' and munching on leaves a little bit.