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plant Identifying Ornamental Pepper Plant

Hello everyone, I'm new here, and also new to the hobby of growing peppers. Back in September a friend of mine gave me some ornamental peppers seeds, but we are unfamiliar which kind one of the peppers are. I have birdseye baby chilli, and these other ones. The other one are red, about 1"-1 1/2" inches in length. I don't have any ripe ones, only the dried up ones to show for image.

I started growing two of these mystery peppers back in November and they're growing strong and beautiful. Today they bloomed two beautiful white flowers with strange purple outlines on the pedals. I tried looking them up online but couldn't find anything on them by image. I was hoping someone here might be able to identify them or take a stab at it. Otherwise, I'll have to just wait till they flower and grow peppers in the summer months.


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Bit early to say what they are. Grow the pepper and post a photo when it’s fully grown and ripe.
So I do have some new pictures, one single pepper is trying to grow currently on one of the plants, and is purple in the early stages so far. I know it'll be red once it fully grows, since the dried up ones where I got the seeds were red. These are the plants as of today, 4/18. It's taking off and growing significantly faster now, I anticipate more peppers in the coming month(s).


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