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Idiot puts his C**k into insanely hot Naga Morich sauce

This could ruin anyone's appreciation for all of pepperdom...

...aaaannnnd Greek yogurt...

and maybe eggplant, too. ESPECIALLY cartoon ones....!!

Heck, if i was the type to fancy a fetish fer mannequins, i might even lose any interest i tha-a-a-at !!
WTF is wrong with people?
I wish that dude would date this girl. Just once.
There's a fine line between pleasrue and pain. Sadly, I think we all now know this guy's O-face and it's not pretty.
Student of Spice said:
Ok, but seriously.......none of you didn't think that a guy in a little trailer or camper with a extremity-less female manikin  was going to have any type of video that was going to end well? I'm just glad we couldn't see any of his victims lol 
It puts the naga on its skin.
smokemaster said:
1 mil. schovies for Naga Morich?
If Red Savina was was about 500-600,000.
Naga Morich were maybe 700-800,000 at most.
1 million is the number quoted for them, it's not just this reviewer. Whether they're actually that hot on occasion or just getting confused with the ghost pepper, I don't know though as I've seen many a site claim that morich and jolokia were one and the same.
What an exhibitionist...chipper/shredder more suiting for such a flamin' fxxx
I'm pissed that I even saw such a degenerate schmuck video. 
Let me tell ya how I really feel...
Yeah no shit!
Snorting super powder is about as hard up(fucktard) as it gets
Clearly drugs(plants) melted this asshats brain well passed legalization


Extreme Member
Perhaps it be prudent to now track Naga Morich sales? Penile insertion as a marketing tool....Hmmmm. Might be a lucrative career choice for Darwin Award aspirees...