I'm Back Around


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Hey folks...

Last years divorce hit me kinda hard and totally unexpected...I was not upset with anyone on this site but just decided to go into seclusion for a while...

I am back now...

Hope everyone has a great day
Sorry for blues after the divorce. That's what songs are made from ....

I just came back around myself didn't do much last season . Looked for ya' ... new saw ya .. Glad your Back

AJ Buddy,

You were greatly missed. Thank God you are back.
Put backthe life on tracks.
What better way than Hot Peppers ???

:welcome: back. Sorry to hear about your loss. Although it may be a very large dark cloud, eventually it will pass and you will be able to see the silver lining because there always is one.

If you need some cheering up use amazon yesterday shipping to order some new shoes.
:party: ~~~~ WELCOME HOME AJ ~~~~ :party:

Welcome back AJ, it's nice to have that empty place that appeared filled once again with your presence, wit and all those great plants of yours. Can't wait to see what you have planed for your grow this year.


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Thanks for all the welcome backs...

I have not started any seeds this year :cry: , but that's okay...I have a purple bhut that I brought inside over the winter but it is full of [sptthhh] aphids...I know the two wild tepins will come back...probably lost my 3rd maybe 4th year scorpion plants...we will just see what comes back after our mild winter we have had....I usually have 5 or 6 plants come back each year and try and keep seeds from those...

Leslie...you are a trip man...that sounded like some old Muddy Waters...
Holy zombie scorpions! Welcome back, my friend. It's good to have your brain around again, buddy.

Hope you're well, and I owe you a cell number if you're ever stuck in Austin or parts nearby. :)
Aaaahhhhh! Good to see you're alive and kickin' AJ!

You've certainly been in our thoughts - and it's nice to have ya back! :)