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I have discovered white flies on pretty much every pepper plant in my yard. I have been trying to spray them all off with the hose with absolutely zero results. Yesterday evening I hit them with some neem oil & I am praying it does the trick. If not I'm going to try a neem oil/soap blend in a few days. I am doing everything in my power to not use poisons. Apparently they love the humidity & heat here. Anyone have any good tips on their eradication?


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Thanks for the link!! I like the bug idea but I was concerned about releasing bugs from somewhere else into my ecosystem since I cannot find them locally. I also tried the yellow sticky traps & abandoned the idea when a poor little lizard got stuck to one. The reflective mulch is a pretty neat trick but I'm not sure if I want to be blinded while gardening. Hopefully the neem oil or soap/neem oil trick does it.