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sun Indirect Sunlight?

Its time to move my seedlings into their home containers prior to being moved outside. My question is, can I put them in an area where direct sunlight wont necessarily hit them. I live in northern Canada, so currently we have around 18 hours of light, but its still a little cool for them to be outside. I have a huge bay window where I can move them to, in absolute defiance of my wifes wishes. Whats the consensus on growth rates when plants are in light but not direct sunlight?
In that case, it's less a matter of light, and more a matter of indoors vs outdoors.

You'll need a fan. Even then, it's not ideal. But if it's the difference between peppers, or no...
Indirect sunlight is good at first when you do finally move them outside. It will help harden then off for direct light.
If it's too cold outside for them, the window is proly your best bet.
I usually wait for Mid 50°s to 60°s night temps before I move my peppers outside. Good luck.
Not sure about where you are at but if placing in a bay window be sure they are not gtting direct light from it -- Here the window acts as a magnifying glass and Have had several seedlings killed by the intensity of the sunlight coming through the window if I put them in the wrong spot  ( of course we are also in the mid 90's to low triple digits during the day right now ! )
What was interesting when I pulled the plants out of the solo cups was how big the roots are. A lot of the pics I see here are tall plants, while mine are about 4 inches tall but three times the diameter of the solo cup. Theyve seemed to grow up then out. It wasnt what I expected.