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condiment Ingelhoffer Ghost Pepper Mustard?

Elpicante said:
Post pic or name of the sauce!
Ummmm........ it's in the title of the thread, dude ;)

"Ingelhoffer Ghost Pepper Mustard"


From link above:
"Gold Medal winner at the 2016 and 2017 World-Wide Mustard Competition int he Scorching Hot Pepper Category. Deservedly so. This is some serious pain. You've been warned."

INGREDIENTS: Peppers (red jalapeno, red chili, cayenne, green jalapeno, ghost chili peppers, ancho peppers), water, sugar, white distilled vinegar, mustard seed, garlic, salt, citric acid, onions, preservatives (sodium benzoate, sorbic acid), spices, flavors (artificial and natural), xanthan gum, cilantro, chives, natural vitamin E (protects flavor), soybean oil, turmeric, calcium disodium EDTA (retains product freshness), licorice root, annatto, ginger.

*Gluten Free

According to the ingredients list, there are more peppers than mustard in the mix. We've had this sort of discussion before. I have not tried this mustard and will be keeping an eye out for it at the market.
austin87 said:
Damn I would say Beaver and Inglehoffer make some of the best mustard that's widely available out there and I had no clue they were under the same label.
Some look like they are exactly the same product, packaged under different banners. Apparently they have a co-packing /private label arm to their business as well.
I ordered this mustard and tasted it today. Its definitely worth ordering. At its price, totally worth it. Its not melt your face off hot, but its got legit spice. It taste great, also.
I'd be interested in this if I didn't hate mustard. The earthiness of ghost peppers probably compliments mustard really well.
Thanks for the info. will check it out.   just hope if I order some it doesnt take forever to get here.   Ordered some lawn mower parts april 12th and still do not have them.