INO SASBE Offer: CGN 21500 - 10 Spots CLOSED

Hello all,

I have 10 spots available for SASBE. Each seed pack will consist of 10-15 seeds of CGN 21500.

Please post in this thread to be apart of this offer.  Please also send me a PM once you post in this thread.

Please follow the following guide-lines:
  • Send sasbe with exact loose postage for the return included inside (no metered postage)
  • Include a labeled bag(s) for the variety of the offer
  • Ensure your envelope or return envelope contains your FULL address
  • Include a note in the envelope with THP username / which varieties you are sending for
Notes: All seeds are open pollinated. Offer for US members only.

Thanks all and enjoy! 
4 spots down, 6 to go....Here is one of my pics from this past years grow :)