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Insect frass

Thinking about ordering some frass to boost my plants immune system with the chitin and beneficials.
Seeking input, experiential knowledge, anecdotal evidence, etc.
I was also considering azamax, just to have it on hand. Break glass in case of infestation.
All this in anticipation of putting my plants outside. Want to be prepared with some preventative and some cure.
Q&A section says you can add the frass to a "mature" AACT after 18 hours. (Apparently, it releases ammonia which can harm "young" micro organisms.)
Right now my fertilizer plan is aact and top dressing with compost tea solids and worm castings.
I also have fish & seaweed liquid feed 2-3-1 and hi-brix molasses.
Plants are in burpee premium organic potting mix .12-.12-.12
Walchit said:
I have heard of people using it, its supposed to make the plant think it is infested with bugs so it builds up its immune system.

I sprayed neem oil and castil soap on the plants a couple times last summer. Still had a few bugs but nothing major.
Ya that makes sense. I'm a little paranoid about protecting the plants, because of the aphid, whitefly, and broad mite that came in late last season. I'm seeing mixed reviews about the frass. I'll probably put a pin in it until later.
I remember reading this article somewhere, maybe on here. I guess chitinase, an enzyme that the plant produces, can impair bugs' digestion.
Good call. I remember that thread. Black soldier fly larvae. Thats the same type as the product I was looking at.