Inter-nodal length - Fatalii Gourmet Jugsaw

Hi all. Was just wondering if anyone else had experienced an extremely short inter-nodal length on their chilli plants? Most of mine are pretty textbook, with distinct sections of stem and nodes where the leaves sprout. But the Fatalii Gourmet Jugsaw is one squat thing, almost like a bok-choy, with nearly as much leaves. Now that it is living inside I am mildly concerned about anything fungal, but the leaves are huge so I don't want to lob them off just yet.
Just for scale - the plant is at best 8 inches abve soil, yet the biggest leave is about 5 inches long, in the standard shape. There are more leaves than stem, and still no flowers. It was started from seed at the beginning of the year.
Could it be insufficient sunlight? (Thought they go lanky - etiolate - when there is not enough sun? It gets fed like all other plants - diluted seaweed at 1/4 strenge at every watering when needed.
Insuficient light will cause stretching and long internodes, bright light makes shorter internodes. It could just be a runt, stunted or just a little jerk ;-), especially since you started it in the begining of the season and it's only 8".

Not all plants wanna grow up big and strong unfotunetly.
sevenstrings said:
.... It could just be a... a little jerk ;-)
I think you hit the nail on the head.
We ARE a bit shout on sunshine here, but being atitchy little thing in a big enough pot is just .... very pesky.
If you have the patience, overwinter it and see what it does next year. Some plants seem not to produce much in their first year, but then kind of make up for it in their second. Also, don't be concerned about length, but about number of nodes. Since chile plants only put out pods at the nodes, more nodes = higher production (at least eventually.) Also, while I've never grown this particular variety so don't know about its growth habits, keep in mind that some chile plants (congo trinidad is one) grow more out than up.  
My FGJigsaw is anything but squat or runty.
As a matter of fact, it is every bit as tall as my reaper, choc scorpions, bbg7, bbm, brainstrain & red 7 pot primo. Not nearly as tall as my brazillian starfish. That one was tall and lanky.
I don't know about everyone else's, but I would say it was a very productive plant too. Tons of pods. Probably 2-3 per node if I had to guess. It's definately going to make the OW list this year.