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pics Interesting observation - chinense narrow vs broad leaf in hot greenhouse

Hi Guy's

The recent improved weather in Scotland has seen my automatic greenhouse window working over time and the need to side the door to its widest just to keep the temperatures below 40 oC !

In the mid to high 30's I.e 35 oC to 38 oC every thing seem OK but it's hit 39-40 oC and just over when I got caught out after morning cloud gave way to clear blue sky and full sun !

I've noticed two of my chinense weren't happy and obviously wilt but spring back in the evening both have the narrowest leaves of any of my chinense ??

The hot paper lantern habanero and my unknown Halal shop scotch bonnet/habanero (see attached photos )


Narrow leaved paper lantern


Narrow leaved unknown Halal shop scotch bonnet/habanero

All my other chinense seem to have much broader leaves and seem unaffected and don't wilt at these temperatures.........

Anyone else had similar experience ?

I'm toying with putting my shade cloth up this weekend in an effort to control the higher temperatures



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I need a greenhouse too! My plants are outside in open air since the end of April and growing very slowly despite the sunny weather. Oh well...

I don't see any issues with your plants in the pictures, they look perfectly healthy to me. It is normal for different varieties of the same species to have variations. After all, the fruits they produce are different also 🙂
Hi Marc

Took these pics this morning they are "unwilted" but every day during the last week afternoon they both look pretty sorry for themselves and wilt badly but when you lift the pot they don't need water. And then spring back by next morning.

Like I said my broad leaved chinense don't do it but these two obviously don't like the temp over 35 oC

Trouble we have right now when I leave for work 04.40 am it been 5oC to 7oC buy the 5ime I'm home approx 2pm it's 21 oC ,23oC outside and hitting low 40 oC in the greenhouse even with the self opening window wide open!

Luckily my wife's been able to slide the door wide open by 9am and it's been keeping it in the mid to high 30 oC's

I've been toying with the idea of a fan rigged up to an oscillating fan ? But I think the shade cloth might be easiest.............:think:

Funny normally I'm trying to keep my babies warm enough here in Scotland rather ironic I'm now having the opposite problem 😅



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Ah ok, must have missed that 🙂
But I still think there's not much to worry about. I see some of my plants do that too, depending on the conditions (heat, windy...) but they always recover.


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I think if they're perking back up it's not too much to worry about. Keep them watered and they should be fine.
It looks like a little bit of canoe leaf going on. Who knows what causes that but it seems like I see it when nursery plants get too much heat and light. Lights too close, not enough ventilation to adequately scavenge the heat.

I see them go limp outside but that usually means they want more water.