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Interspecies grafting with chillies

So for the last year and a bit, I've been trying different types of chilli grafts onto a plant called the Devils Fig (Solanum Torvum), and I'm finally starting to get somewhere.
The key seems to be patience... if you take the plastic wrap off even after 2-3 months, the thing just ends up drying out and dying. I really suck at labelling anything so I literally have no idea what I've actually got growing from a chilli perspective, but it is likely to be a Chinense and probably a Yellow 7 Pot as I had heaps of those.
Anyone else managed to do a graft on a different species before?


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Cool experiment; both are Solanaceae so it's probably part of the reason why it worked! Keep us updated, I'm curious to see how it will turn out!
CaneDog said:
I've seen people cleft graft tomatoes and peppers together, but never this.  Cool stuff!
Where do you plan to keep it with winter on the way?
They are all in black pots, so they will be fine. Up on the Gold Coast, we get to about 4C minimum overnight at the very worst, so should be OK. I'm growing Cacao at home and it's survived the winter without an issue.