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Intro of myself

Hello everyone!

I am a 42 year old male who recently started to grow pepper plants. This started in the summer of 2021 when my wife and two daughters started to grown some Thai Chili Peppers, Jalapenos, and habaneros. They did not produce later in the year due to us planting them too late in the year; however, we had them all in individual planters on our steps in the front. **we have a lot of land but we also have some big snakes in our year so we opted to have them all in the front in planters so we can see the snakes to make it so we can still grow our own peppers** We brought these plants inside our home for the winter and cared for them throughout the winter of 2021-2022 and the Thai Chilis yielded throughout the winter indoors as well as three jalapeno plants which was super fun and awesome to be able to pick and cook right here. We did not and do not have growing lamps or anything special as we have a lot of natural sunlight that produced throughout the winter. The Habaneros did not yield through the winter but we kept them alive throughout as well. This spring all of these plants went outside along with out new ones that we started from seedlings. We purchased some Giant Jalapenos, Macho Nachos, Mad Hatters, Habaneros, Volcano Peppers, Scotch Bonnets, Bell Peppers through Pepper Joes and so we received some mystery seeds as well. All are growing currently as of 8.28.2022 with the pepper plants that we had all winter booming and yielding faster than these other plants which was also nice. Anyways, we have a lot of these mystery seeds that are yielding and I am struggling to identify them, which brought me to this site in hopes to find out if anyone can assist me with figuring out what peppers they are. We are planning on using all of our peppers through cooking, pickling, and making some jams with them as well. Due to me being new here, this site would like for me to introduce myself and I figured I would provide a brief summary on myself and how I landed here :)

I am living in Minnesota with my wife and two daughters (11 years old and 10 years old) as they are wanting to plant more to create a garden eventually but thought it would be nice to start with peppers. We have 14 acers of land and we use some for storing landscaping equipment in the out building but most is not used for gardening. We have a front driveway and front stoop that we use for ours plant currently and if all goes well we will be putting some raised beds in the yard (nicely spaced for us to get a mower in-between the beds to keep the area clean and visible :) We also have wild life in or yard like deer, cayotes, sand cranes, gophers, ground hogs, bunnies, ect so I know that a fence would be best to keep the wild life from eating up all our garden).

I will be posting my next post in hopes to gain some community support in finding out what these mystery seed peppers are that I have growing.



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From the Pacific NorthWest!

Pleasure to meet you, Johnny!