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Is it okay to buy fresh peppers online?

I can't grow anything in my tiny house and I have never made hot sauce before, but I am very interested in it. I live in a pretty rural area and would have to travel pretty far to buy fresh peppers except the super common ones my local grocery store sells. Is it common for people to just order fresh, less common peppers online and use them in making sauce or am I better off finding a store that sells the ones I am looking for? Can you even get fresh non dried peppers online? Can you use dried peppers in making hot sauce? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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you can get all kinds of fresh peppers every day on this site.
there are several groovy vendors, a couple not so?  but you will for sure find what you want.      yes you can use dried peppers in sauce making but i think the sauce makers prefer fresh or frozen. 
p.s.  i may be one of the groovy growers ;)
What scovie and sicman said. Hit the marketplace or forum ads here. I've bought heaps of peppers from various people on here since joining. Haven't had any problems at all. Everyone's been great to deal with, and all the peppers have been awesome. Giveaway's also pop up on here at times, so you might even get lucky and score some freebies. 
Absolutely, there are the best peppers on earth available through people on this site. Either growers with small, single garden growers or growers with lots of acreage..
Good commercial growers I`ve dealt with include all of the ones mentioned above, plus Brian at www.ghostpepperstore.com. The season is really winding down right about now, but you will find fresh peppers in the Forum Ads and from the vendors mentioned here. 
Oh, and Joyner`s Hot Peppers and Powders.


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If you're interested in something other than generic Red Chile, jalapeno, manzano or habanero.....THP marketplace and Classified forums are the place to look.  Several very reputable growers have already been mentioned.  If you are looking for a specific chile, put out an "ISO" request (In Search Of...). 
and as Meathead suggested, jump in on some of the fun contest giveaways.