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Is my Carolina reaper plant dying?

Hey guys:
I grew a Carolina reaper plant last spring and I got a bunch of pepper throughout last season.  It went through the winter months indoors and did really well.  Didn't make any new peppers, but was hearty thru the cold months.  The last 2 or 3 weeks I've noticed a bunch of leaves continually falling off of it.  They are green and look healthy, but, still falling off. Do you think it's time to invest in another plant?  Not sure what to think.  I've been watering it normally.  Nothing has changed that way.  I have been feeding it much less ie. fertilizer, epson salt etc.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!
It's about 2 feet tall and it's in a one gallon pot.  Let me know if you need any more info.
It is inside now, but is getting ready to go out soon. I'm going to transplant it asap. Does it sound like it is dying, or will transplanting will help?
Is it sprouting new leaves?

If it is sprouting new leaves, you may be OK. It may just be cycling in new growth.

There is a sticky topic in this section of the forum on over-wintering peppers:

You may want to check that topic to get some insights on whether your plant is acting normally after being over-wintered, or is in distress.

The one pepper plant I over-wintered eventually dropped all of last years leaves, and sprouted new growth.
I potted up my overwinter reaper a couple weeks ago because it was clinging to a few dying leaves. Bare stem all the way up to the few curled and browning leaves in the canopy left over from last year. This is what it's done since (I also buried the stem a good 6 inches after nicking it and adding rooting hormone, but that was just because it would've been too tall to deal with otherwise)

I asked if it was outside yet because I had a plant do a similar thing after being left outside for a day without hardening back off.
Pics would help -- Hard to say without actually seeing the plant -- Was the weather different in the last few weeks ? I know here it is windy season so we always lose a bunch of leaves and even a few branches due to the winds coming through and it sometimes takes a few days/weeks for them to actually fall off if the wind just partially breaks them off the vine. Also this time of year the sun is staying up longer and moving to new locations in the yard so if it has been relocated it might just be getting more/less sun than it was before and is adjusting some. As others mentioned if new leaves are sprouting it might just be dropping some of the older ones and will be fine - Did you give them any nutrients lately ? etc. etc. etc.
A few pics of the plant would make it much easier to possibly diagnose.
Hey guys:
Thanks for all the responses!!! I Transplanted it today.  I put it in a 3 gallon pot.  Much bigger than the other one.  When it came out of the original pot there were a bunch of roots all around the outside of the bulb.  I used a pencil and stabbed it into the bulb all around and on the bottom of it to loosen up the soil.  Then put it into fresh soil and filled in around the outside and top of it. Gave it a little shot of fertilizer and water.  I guess I'll wait and see what happens over the next week or so and I'll post back.  If I have a chance I'll post some pics of it. And I'll read the links that are posted here about over-wintering it.  Thanks again for all the responses!!!
More leaves are falling off. It still losing leaves. Took some pics today. What do you think?


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jwmghf said:
I'm still bringing it in at night and back out late mornings. What do you mean by Hardening it off?

When taking from inside to outside you want to only leave them in the sun for an hour or so the first day and then slowly let them get a bit more sun each day for a couple weeks so that the leaves get used to the extra light/heat - while they are indoors they do not get much UV rays so the leaves are pretty tender and too much sun too quickly will put them in shock and they will drop the larger leaves -- It looks like that is probably what happened - but the plant still has plenty of smaller leaves and new ones sprouting so it should recover fine in a few weeks.
No. I did do that, but it hasn't been that sunny here anyway.  I'll bring it in after 3 hours or so for the next few days and then start to stretch it out from there.  Thanks for the tip.  I didin't know that guys.  I'll let a few more days pass and post a few more pics and update it's status. 
Should I feed it any fert or epson salt yet or just keep watering as usual?
Thanks again and happy Sunday Funday!!!
I'm not sure about fertilizer or Epsom salt, but yeah. I actually left a couple plants out too long yesterday and they're dropping leaves. I'm sure they'll recover as long as you take care of them. You can gradually start to leave them outside longer and longer until they're good to go.
jwmghf said:
No. I did do that, but it hasn't been that sunny here anyway.  I'll bring it in after 3 hours or so for the next few days and then start to stretch it out from there.  Thanks for the tip.  I didin't know that guys.  I'll let a few more days pass and post a few more pics and update it's status. 
Should I feed it any fert or epson salt yet or just keep watering as usual?
Thanks again and happy Sunday Funday!!!
Even on Cloudy days outside the suns UV rays still get through ( which is why it is easy to get yourself sunburned early in the summer on cloudy days since you don't notice the heat ) - Same goes for the plants that have gotten used to being indoors - sudden exposure to the suns UV rays can be too much until the harden themselves off a bit. Usually you'll notice the indoor leaves are a bit lighter green color and thinner - then after being outside for a while the leaves will be darker green and thicker so will fare better in the direct sun.
Pretty much the same as with lighter skinned people, they need to build up a bit of a tan before they can spend very long outside in the summer without burning and having their skin flake off.
If I may add detail to the photos you have sideways. It appears you are using a phone to take the pictures. Be sure you have your phone sideways with button on right. Then post. It will show photo of plant correctly.
If I may suggest, hardening for a week is great, which helps. Once hardened and new growth starts from proper watering, then add nutes. Does your soil have good blend already? Are you watering deeply then giving the roots a chance for water and air or are you drowning them from too much water. Get that dialed before you add nutes would be my suggestion. Epson has been working for me on once a month folier. I also use a mixed soil myself. I then suggest feeding water three times then low mixed nutrient solution until plant gets used to it. Then add strength as plant tolerates it. I also use a journal for feedings and nutes since I am no expert. My plants are doing great so far from this.
Hope I helped.
I mixed my soil, aged cow manure and black coarse sand 1/3  x 1/3  x 1/3. I will take note of holding the camera sideways. Thanks!
The plant is in a much larger pot now. I think it's a 3 gallon pot.  I've been watering the plant every other day and I give it about 48oz. of water.  Seems to be enough.  No water comes out of the bottom of the pot, but I think that's enough water.  What do you think?  I did today see a bunch of new growth starting and I was thrilled!!!   I'm not out of the woods yet, I'll post some more pics this weekend.
I am using Seabird Guano fertilizer(0-11-0).  I also use a little Miracle grow plant food occasionally. And as stated above every couple of weeks a quick spray of epson salt 1Tlbs/1gallon of water. The Seabird fertilizer and epson salt are applied with a sprayer.
Should I bring the plant in when nighttime temps are around 57-60 degrees or is that ok?
Not sure what nutes are?  Please elaborate. 
Good talk and thanks!!!