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container Is my jalapenos small because how much space it has to grow?

So a while back i noticed my jalapenos were growing to a small size. I tried changing fertilizer,adding firtilizer,ect. i kept trying all these remedies and methods and nothing worked. my oldest jalapeno needed transfering and the only pot that was left was a super huge one. so i planted it... it grew like CRAZY!! the jalapenos were HUGE! so i decided to ask. does the jalapenos size depend of how much room to grow?or did i just get lucky?


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The size of container can effect the size of the pods, yes. I use about 3 gallon containers for chinense, 5 gallons for others as a general rule, but anything with particularly large pods (bell peppers, NuMex Big Jim, etc) will probably need more like 10+ gallons or else grow runts. And some varieties are more happy than others to size down without issue, it all depends.
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Not my pepper, but very small pot, and normal looking Habaneros.

I was just looking into this. This forum is way better than Google. :)

Normally I grow my peppers in the ground in a poly tunnel, this year I wanted to try growing some in pots in the poly tunnel. I think it'll help with the soil warmth, planting then in pots instead of the ground.

I have about 15 idle 15 liter (4 gallon?) pots for this experiment. If the plants do well, I might look into sourcing some bigger pots for next season. The video you're sharing @francisp is rather convincing when it comes to bigger pots.
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