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Is this a joke? Ill turn my whole yard into a Charapita patch

stettoman said:
Well, whoever is setting prices for what is predominately a hobby commodity must really love us chiliheads....I'm going to the next Grange meetin' up here. Change the locals from planting cheap shit like corn and soybeans....

right!?!?! with a plant like that out there theres no reason for people to risk growing marijuana in the illegal states... Charapita's all day..shit id have a warehouse with year round grows going if people paid that shit
JUR-Z-Devil said:
no i saw those days ago... thats why i posted the thread "the most" pepper...
I just never found anyone that actually tried to sell those for such ridiculous prices then this morning that person posted ads in the forum ads section... looked at the site and found that page...
you know if you grow them we can call you  the  " Godfather " of pepper's  !  $25 kilo , man !  I'll take 2   :rofl:
moruga welder said:
you know if you grow them we can call you  the  " Godfather " of pepper's  !  $25 kilo , man !  I'll take 2   :rofl:

With prices like those need to call me the "El Chapo" of peppers cause ill be running a cartel...
Here's a pic of aji charapita next to some orange wild brazil. Was barely any ripe pods at that time. Mostly down toward bottom
Perhaps covering the flowerpot with fabric mulch (to exclude soil/soil-less media), then giving the plant a good shaking above another larger spread of cloth might cause all the fully ripened (thus, best-flavored) fruits to drop -- I understand that fully ripened wild-strain Capsicum chinense fruits are very easily detached at maturity.

I have to admit that picking all those tiny berries individually might drive me quite bugfuddle in short order.
Peter S sent me some Charapita flakes for FREE, included in an SFRB of fresh pods (not Charapitas) in 2016.  They're absolutely delicious, but based on my experience, they're a lot closer to being free than they are to being $25k/kilo. 
Lol, I did a contest last Summer where whoever guessed the single picking off of one of my charapita plants won a prize package. 289 pods, and over an hour of picking later, there were prize boxes awarded.

I'd rather grow better tasting, larger, and less time consuming pods to pick.

FYI, charapita pods aren't worth $25K a kilo, lol!!!!!!