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Is this a special Scotch bonnet? Or, just regular...

Is this what a normal Scotch looks like?  Anything special about it?  Or just regular?  Is the below taste description unusual?
I've done lots of internet search and my sense is that this Scotch bonnet variety I have is a little bit different.  The shape is very consistent (see pictures attached). Other pictures I've seen online appear to be unstable and look like crosses with habanero or congo chilis. I got the seeds from a Jamaican national who lives near my parents. 

Also, I wouldn't describe it as sweet or very fruity.  I think I would describe it as extremely delicious and...musky, which is a word I've never heard used for peppers (I've tried to watch all of the taste testing videos I can on Youtube about Scotches).  Almost like a well aged cheese.  I read a little bit about the history of Scotches and, apparently, they were also called 'goat peppers' because they smelled similar to goats.  Having been to a petting zoo, I get what they're saying.  Aside from what that image does to my head, they are extremely tasty and do amazing things for a taco.
So, anything special here?  Or, just regular?


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Bicycle808 said:
send seeds
I 100% second this!  ;)
I'd say those definitely look like some kind of Scotch bonnet for sure. I have seen all types of variations in shapes from the classical 'Tam O' Shanter' Scottish hat look of the MOA variety to others that are elongated and even twisted. A number of things can affect the diversity in pod shapes from the purity of the strain to weather conditions and even timing of the seasons (early or late season pods).
As far as the musky smell, I most certainly am fully aware of what you are talking about! I get musky habaneros from the grocery store and farm market (when in season) quite often. While most vary in aroma from citrusy/fruity to even a bit exotic and acrid, I do get certain batches that are absolutely musky. They aren't quite to the extent of a stinky cheese level but are more earthy like a walk in a wet dark wooded area <--- hard to describe... Lol... but definitely musky! Since I've been purchasing and eating habs daily for the past several years, I'd say they have the most variations of peppers I've ever encountered - so many shapes, tastes and heat levels (both the orange and red habs). Being as habs and bonnets are regarded as being similar or related, I don't for a second find it odd that there is at least a possibility to encounter some that exhibit a noted muskiness about them
If you got some seed from a Jamaican source, then I would certainly try to keep those pure if you grow them out as they very well might be a pure variety from whatever locality they came from (that also being a reason for differences in pod shapes and characteristics when plants are grown and isolated year after year in certain regions or locals... they may be different than the same being grown several villages over).
Pods look really nice! I'd love to be able to get those around here... muskiness and all! Great score!