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Juanitos 2016 Grow

My plan is to have a smaller number of varieties with 10+ of each plant so i can get a decent harvest.
wholesale aji gold
wholesale hab choc
wholesale hab mustard
wholesale hab peach
wholesale hab white bullet
wholesale hab paper lantern
wholesale manzano
CARDI moruga red
CARDI west indes red
CARDI scorpion red
CARDI scotch bonnet (moa)
Feltrin bico biquinho
Feltrin ouro cumari do para 
Feltrin malaguetinha 
Feltrin bishop hat
Tastynl choc nagabrain f3 
Tastynl scotch brain f4
Tastynl bbg red
Tastynl bbg yel
Tastynl bbg br
Tastynl bog9
Semillas aji pineapple
Semillas aji starfish
Semillas aji omnicolor
Semillas santa rosa blanco PI 257142
Semillas trinidad perfume
Semillas red bhut II
Semillas peach bhut
Semillas choc bhut
Semillas yel moruga s
Semillas choc moruga s
Semillas primo
steve sb7j
i have some more stuff i'll start in smaller quantity just to try them out. (like cool crosses i get from seed train)
phase 0: PreGermination
first 2 weeks
8oz deli containers
paper towel
water + chamomile tea + potassium nitrate
phase 1: Indoors
January - May
small  room(40sft) in shed
reflectix radiant barrier to insulate walls / floor
12 x 4'x2' shelves (made from 2x4 posts, 1x1 rails, 1x4 furring strip shelf support, OSB shelf tops)
capacity ~3500
radiant heater utilitech
tower fan blows on heater to heat faster
hurricane oscillating wall fan to circulate air in room
16' of 5630 light strip on each shelf powered with 240w psu on each shelf unit(powers 4 shelf)
1020 tray
72 cell starting tray
later into 606 jumbo inserts
Berger.ca custom fast draining mix (extra pine bark, rice hulls)
hand watered, bottom watering using 1020 trays
masterblend tomato formula (low dosage)
phase 2: Outdoors
May - November
ground will be covered in black plastic (to prevent weeds)
capacity ???
5 or 7 gallon viagrow plastic grow bags
DIY 5-1-1 mix
mixrite 1% fertilizer injector
1g/h drippers
chemgro tomato formula
1st transplant
1.5 month old
most of my plants doing great. the habanero paper lanterns i planted first are the biggest. 
i will replant 16 or so plants that died when i planted them straight into the sun from indoors. LED indoors i find are more susceptible to getting burned than HID.. probably because light intensity.
this is week old pic of some bow chicka bow wow
you can see this paper lantern putting some flowers out and starting to bush out.
Looks like you have the weeds beat. How is it with the watering? Are you watering more often or linger with that setup?
Plants looking awesome Juanitos! I have a few Goat pepper plants growing from plants I bought from you last year. Look forward to buying your pods and plants in the near future!
turbotvl said:
The coco coir bags are the go.   Saves building stands and surely the cost is cheaper than buying pots as well as grow medium?
they are pretty much the same around 1.80$ per plant. until you count the labor of mixing / filling pots which could take a while..
the time saved is nice. literally just cut a hole and water the bags so they expand and you're ready to go. no mixing / amending.
coir is nice in general also never worry about ph or pests.
i'm not sure how they will do when they are bigger. they may need some support we'll see.
bpiela said:
When planting in the bags, where do the roots go?  It doesn't seem like there is room for them, unless they just grow out to the sides...
i too thought they were pretty small. really only ends up being about 4 gallons of root space.. for 2 plants!
but there shouldn't be a problems
video ex 1 (pepper porn pls be careful)
root shot at 53 sec
But Juanitos, none of my peppers had a problem going from LEDs to sun with no hardening off

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lots of flowers in this couple inches

little baby biquinho's coming.

one of my superhots deciding to point up, didn't look which variety this is.

and planted a few marigolds scattered around. got the seed at walmart for 3$ figured why not.

as the plants get bigger they are needing more water. i increased watering to 10 minutes every 12 hours.
i may just need to get a timer where i can set it to water at like 10am and 3pm to help cool em off. Has been really hot and ridiculous humidity here lately.
here u can see a couple plants who aren't getting enough water.
dude you really need to water like 4-6 times a day with slabs like that. you cant keep enough water in them with one watering to full saturation a day.

when i ran those rockwool slabs i was watering like 6 times, including once just before sunrise.

coco will hold lots more moisture so im guessing you could go like twice and get away with it, but keeping as constant a mositure level in the substrate is always better.