shopping Just added a jelly recipe

I made a batch of habanero/raspberry jelly last night.

Just got done adding the recipe to the recipe/other topic.

It's shown for 5 habs. This heat level is quite mild and can be enjoyed by everybody. For more heat, add more habs.

I increase the heat level like this for a very noticeable increase. 5 habs, 8 habs, 12, 15, 18.

8 has a good bite and makes me sweat. Remember, I'm still new to this ;-)

The jelly is sweet, has an underlying twang, very strong berry flavor and the heat is a slow to make its presence known but then builds quickly and lingers for a while.

Last year I gave away 4 dozen jars and have been getting a lot of inquiries about this years jelly.

I'm planning on trying a few other things like black raspberry, black cherry, and maybe make and apricot jelly for the grill.

The jelly is clear, good strong berry color, holds its shape and has a nice little jiggle.

After a batch or two is made you can see where mixing and matching peppers can be fun.
thx for the recipe sounds good.
What do use the jelly on? toasts in the morning?
btw you should use Fibonacci's numbers to increase the heat :shocked:
habman, yes, I'll spread it on toast, bagels, or crackers. Sometimes with cream cheese, sometimes without and at any time of the day. It does start the morning out right though.

On round butter crackers, like Hi-Ho's or Ritz, I'll put a bit of cream cheese on it and make a little dimple for the jelly. Make a bunch and put them on a plate for company or something.

It spreads pretty good but if ya stir it up a bit it'll spoon out real good on those cream cheese crackers.

Never made jelly before till last year. I had used a recipe for jalapeno jelly and it was not very good so I put one together myself. After pouring over many recipes and two tweaking batches I've settled on this one.

I use a fresh bell pepper from the garden and have no clue what that's all about but it doesn't seem to be harming anything.

I think I'll be using ripe bells, when they turn red, pretty soon. I'm anxious to use different hot peppers but will have to wait till next year. This year is for habs.
habman said:
btw you should use Fibonacci's numbers to increase the heat :)

I've been thinking about this since you mentioned it. It makes sense. Slight increases at the mild end are noticeable. At the very hot end, slight increases aren't noticed. I did a few tests. 8 to 12 is noticeable. 12 to 15 and 15 to 18, not so much so. But, between 12 and 20, very noticeable.

I've dropped 15 and 18 and went straight to 20. Great idea, tks!
5 whole habs is a good heat for everybody. I get so many requests for this mild jelly from people who 'don't like hot stuff' it's hard to believe. The 8 hab is also popular. The 12 hab batches only get a few requests but it's getting more popular.

The whole thing started as a way to use the habs, which were grown on a whim. This jelly is addictive :-) This weekend I plan on making black raspberry and black cherry if I can find them.

The chopping of the peppers and berries should be done real good. I use a hand crank rotating chopper and first churn the peppers, then the berries, and mix them to a pulp. Gets a good release of flavor, color, and heat, with the subsequent boil and cooling period taking care of the rest.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it!