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hot-sauce Kajohn's (King) COBRA sauce

To start off, I'm a reptile collector. I have a fairly large collection of reptiles & have been into "heprs" for some 20+ years.
So when a freind saw this sauce in it's Cobra style bottle & her knowledge of my love of heat, she had to pick it up for me.
To start, I don't know a ton about this sauce....is it a extract? or just a super hot sauce.
MAN-O-MAN is this stuff HOT!!!! To me it doesn't have the metal taste that most extracts have(that is of cource, if it's a extract?) which leads me to think it a natural sauce. The flavor is fantastic for all of .0002 of a second, as the heat is almost spontaneous. AND the heat is up there, close to most extracts I've tried. For you extreme heat lovers, ths should be a must try, for the weaker amongst us, proceed whith caution!!!!:mouthonfire:
Heat level is a 9.5-10, outstanding :hell:
cajohn usually puts sauce in the collectable bottles that are also available in a non-collectable (read that "cheaper") form not sure about this, but give them a call