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kill or keep?


kind of blurry, single black hair extending from the end of them attached to the leaf.... further inspection of the plants show there are 7 total on this plant and only this plant.... all the same size ...
I left them on last night.... they're still there, havebt moved and no more so far.... just amazed at how fadt they shiwed up.... I tend to check on everything a few times at night and they weren't the tere 45 minutes befire...
The picture is too blurry to tell for sure, but the general body shape in the picture and the "single black hair" description sounds like they could be hornworms.  Do a Google image search for "hornworm" to verify.
If that's what they are, get them off your plants ASAP.  They can devour large amounts of foliage in a short period of time.
Will get rid of them.... doubt its a horn worm, the google images ive seen have bigger worms with a lot less legs than these have, unless they grow out of them.... I havent foubd anything similar to these on google, but I haven't been looking much.

Edit, stand coreected.... thanks
They do look cool when they get bigger but they eat more and quicker than any caterpillar other moth larvae you will ever see.
One nasty little moth they turn into though.
Kill em or they will eat all the leaves off your plant and dont just smash them pulverize them no joke I smashed two of them w/my flip flop and the third of the caterpillar that was more or less smashed regenerated itself smash it till its in little itty pcs or theyll come back
Its safe to say these wont be coming back.... couple of stomps followed by grinding the leaves into the ground with my steel toes.... just found some more not too long ago and on the other tomato plants too.... plus some eggs.... looks like its gonna be a never-ending job.... as long as they stay away from my peppers....
It sounds a little weird, but throw them somewhere that will make them conspicuous to birds and they will feast on them (like the roof or on a shed).  You get rid of a pest, the birds get a nice treat and may take an interesting in finding more of them in your garden - everyone wins.