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Killing Spree

It wasn't cool like I saw in the movies.  They were redheaded stepchildren that would end up in therapy.  I got enough mouths to feed.  30 plants composted.  
Ya...you can pod, but it's not in your blood to pod correctly.  You will probably just sneak across the border and make worst pods.


Now to rid the enemies of my proud pods.

The range.  18 yds

The targets

Do I look like fat

The dead and wounded


grantmichaels said:
if it wasn't for you, i don't know who i'd get to call weirdo ...
I know..I prefer rare as in Rairdog.  I would never shoot a good pod buddy....you have no worries.   Actually I babied these plants since mid March.  They were the extras and dragged me and the ole lady down with watering.  The crop is good and I had to send them off.  Survival of the fittest.