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Large capacity blender

Right now I'm using the Vitamix 7500 blender which is great. It pulverizes pepper seeds and anything I put into it.  But it has a 64 ounce capacity. Is anyone using a larger capacity blender – 1.5 gallons or more? Vita mix makes an XL – 1.5 gallons for $1550 but I don't know much about it and it is critical that seeds disappear in the blending process.


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I love the blendtec, but again it has a 64 oz-ish capacity carafe. Blendtec smokes the Ninja for absolutely pulverizing anything. I have not used a vitamix.

When developing a recipe, I try to separate steps and what each ingredient needs. Maybe simmer some ingredients in a little bit of liquid so you have to blender the snot out of 2 gallons of ingredients, instead of 8 gallons of the full sauce.

Freezing peppers and other ingredients also helps break them up easily.

This may help to utilize your current appliance. I dont know anything about bigger uber $$$ blenders.


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Immersion blenders definitely have their place in processing, but they will not pulverize seeds and skins for a very smooth sauce. They work good for emulsifying ingredients, mixing in spices, and when clamped to the top of a steam kettle for keeping the sauce moving while cooking.

For creating a smooth mouth feel sauce, I have found using a food mill to remove the seeds and tough bits of skin or using the blendtec blender to get the best results.

There are commercial grade food sieves which would work in processes. You just have to figure out the steps, what has to be ground, what has to be sieved, how smooth does the end product have to be....

And how big of batches will you realistically be running, break down the different steps, figure out how each ingredient needs to be processed...

Just some thoughts....