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hydroponic Leaf tint

I have a Black Cayenne that is growing great but some of the leaves have a black tint to them. They are not dieing out and the plant is putting on peppers. Just don't know where the tint is coming from. The plant next to it has not tint to its leaves
really strong light can cause leaves (and peppers) to darken, it's a defence mechanism for the plant. even though the other is not doing it, it may just be that one plant is "strong" enough to tolerate it and the other isn't.

another possibility is that a genetic trait for dark or purple foliage and/or stems is present in one of the plants. and since "black" is in the name of the plant, this is entirely plausible.
Sorry but I messed up its a purple cayenne not a black cayenne. I have a JalapeƱo that has the same issues. I was just wanting to know what could cause this issue.
this can happen with "purple" types as well, if not more likely than ones called "black".

anthocyanin is the compound that makes the purple/dark colour on the pods, and it can also appear on leaves and stems, even on types where the pods themselves are not "supposed" to turn purple.

and it can also be produced in any type of pepper plant as a "shield" to combat excessive light/uv rays.


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I grow a blend of cayennes - this is pretty normal for all my purple ones. i've seen it on other purple varieties too