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issue Leaves turning pale

My planta of scotch bonnet plants (few weeks old) begin to kinda pale and curl leaves up (worst affected plant is doping that). It all started few days ago when I first put all my plants outside for few hours during the day so they could get more sunlight. Usually they are sitting on window sill with few hours of direct sunlight (through the window glass of course).
The most affected plants soil also seemed to be a little too wet at a time.
Aslo I dont think its a nutrients deficiency as older pimiento plants twice the size are doing just fine in slightly smaller pots.
Could someone help me identify the problem please?


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Let me first thank you for your reply :)
I didnt expect that tbh as the sun was not that strong here where I live (southern Poland) end of April. Really thought peppers are sun loving plants. Has the sunburn occurred because of the size of plants and when they grow bigger they'll be fine in full sun or do I have to rethink where to plant them to their final location?
You should harden off your plants to avoid sunbun: https://peppergeek.com/hardening-off-pepper-plants/
I agree although its worth mentioning here they never been under grow light, always on window sill with a maximum of 6hrs of direct sunlight (weather depending) filtered by the glass (which I understand some of uv is reduced). But the rest like changing humidity, wind etc makes perfect sense. Anyways ill start with taking them out on regular basis, slowly increasing the outdoors exposure. I plan to plant them outside in about 2 -2,5 weeks :thumbsup: ☀️
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We have used Surround as a spray mist to protect every plant we set out in pots or in ground.
It leaves a white powder on the leaves to reflect the suns damaging rays.
Just a spoon full in a hand sprayer will protect your young tender plants from burning + prevent insects & worms from damaging your plants.
It works as an insect repellent, the bugs don't like the way it feels to walk on.

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