wanted Looking for a couple varieties I lost

Long story short, I have been staying at the hospital for the last 3 weeks with our 20 month old daughter. We are home now and I lost the majority of the 200 seedlings I had. There were a few varieties I only had 5 seeds of and sadly they died while we were away.

The ones I lost and would like to sow again are

Yellow Infinaga
Yellow pixie

I have plenty to trade just let me know if you happen to have any of those. Thanks
A sorry to hear the kido is sick hope all is well wish I could help with these stains but never heard of em
I too wish your daughters speedy recovery, sadly I can't help you, The Borg9 and the others sound interesting.
Heres wishing you and your family the Best.
Hope that your daughter and your family are fine now Coheed. Can't help with the seeds sorry!