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pubescens Looking for a goodly sized, prolific red rocoto / pubescens variety to search out.

Heyo pepper peeps!

Been away from the forums a few years, and away from growing almost entirely sadly. But I have a yard again! And some time.

Anyway, as the topic states Id like to find a nice fat red rocoto var--- to munch fresh and stuff goodness into and bake. I had a few old (2013) seeds that failed, unknown var but they were nice and big and plenty warm.

I know its getting late but plan is to overwinter anyway so Im eager to find a keeper.

Thanks in advance!

Feels good to be posting here again. Been craving the heat and the grow for a long time but life frustrations kept me away.

Just looking for some guidance.
Manzano Rojo can grow to massive proportions. I once saw a photo of one that was "10 feet wide and 30 feet long".
Thank you both for the speedy reply!

Bhuter said:
Here's what you want. Rocoto AREQUIPA GIANT Chili Pepper

I'll look through my seeds and see if this one resides in there. Lol

That's it right there! Awesome. Thanks for the link to the site, I am going to make an order, always good to be supporting small businesses, especially in hard times. May take some time to ship but that is ok.

Side note: Croatia is on our must see list, and one of the awesome countries my wife sells travel to. Well, used to and will again soon. Cannot wait.