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recipe-help Looking for a recipe that approaches Heartbreaking Dawns Cauterizer

I love the Heartbreaking Dawns lineup of sauces. They're usually quite sweet and have a nice consistency and heat to them.
I'm looking for a recipe that has a similar profile like their Cauterizer/1498/Fervor Reaper type sauces. The idea is to experiment with additional flavors and see where I end up. Been trying my hand at some sauces with similar ingredients but failed miserably in creating something remotely similar. :-)
I would say the Cauterizer is one of my favorite sauces. Superhot sauces are great for me, as long as they're not extract based. I like the runny/syrupy consistence of HBD sauces. Flavorwise I've got all sorts of things in the fridge, but again, 1498 and Cauterizer are great. I also like the Fervor Reaper, and thought the Reapercussion was really letting the peppers shine, which I also loved.
Oh damn, I did indeed!

Honestly, I'm kinda failing on all fronts haha.
Consistency is always too thick, flavors are way off of what I'm trying to achieve. Heat is about the only thing I manage to get right, but then I don't get the pepper forward flavor I'm sometimes looking for.

The Hot Pepper

Nail a basic habanero sauce first. Once you nail the consistency you like and get the pepper flavor, then, reverse engineer sauces using their labels.