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seeds Looking for Cumari and Charapita seeds

[SIZE=12pt]Hi Everyone[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]Started growing Hot peppers from seeds, and the germination rate was not too bad ~(70%) for refrigerator stored seeds from 2013 to 2015.  I also started a few Santa Fe Grande from last season, and the germination rate was close to 90%.  Total plants are about 35 to 40.  Currently they are in 2" plastic pots.  With the exception of 5 Large Serrano's, [3"-4" Long & 1/2" wide] they are in 18 oz. red cups and seem to be doing fine ... so far.  Those [large Serrano] seeds are not easy to find![/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]I also started with about 10 Yellow Cumari peppers.  Unfortunately and very unhappy because I only have 2 left, which are badly wilting.  I also have only 1 left of the [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]Charapita.  Does anyone have any surplus seeds they want to sell or Trade?  I would like to acquire about 25 seeds.  In case I manage to somehow kill most of them ... And yes I know they are hard to grow.  Any growing tips welcomed.  Hopefully they will be available at a reasonable price.  Recent seeds would be nice![/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]Most of the seed packages offered have about 10 seeds each.  And are a little pricy.  This was never enough for me.  When I give away seeds, or contribute to annual [Seed Swaps] I put in a minimum of 25 seeds, just in case of poor germination or the sprouts die after a short period.  And of course there is the (Helmet Heads)  I recently successfully removed about 10 so far.  Wetting and later Pinching the sharp edge.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]I thank you for your kind cooperation and responding to my request.  If you guys need any seeds (Which were stored in the refrigerator in plastic bags)  [From 2013-2015]  I'll provide you with a list and approximate the quantity.  Always happy to help out![/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]Thank you again[/SIZE]


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I just checked my database and I've got Charapita from 3 different sources.  Probably can't spare 25 but could probably get you a dozen.  PM me if interested.    
Thanks to everyone ...
I now have seeds to plant tor the 2020 growing season. Below is a picture of a few other varieties that I have started in the last month or so.

I would like to thank the contributors.  Excellent place with outstanding people willing to help!