wanted looking for seeds to restart my growing

I am looking for these seeds, i am trying to get my grow list started and these seeds will help alot.
Robert S Russell 
6101 Bailey Buck Rd 
Wilmington NC 28409
7 Pot Bubble Gum
7 Pot Primo Yellow
Apocalypse Scorpion
Bhutlah BBG7
Black Bhutlah
Brain Strain 
Brown Moruga 
Carmel Moruga 
Carolina Reaper
Chocolate Primo/Reaper
Ghengis Khans Brain
Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
Jay's Red Ghost Scorpion
Moruga Scorpion
Mustard Bhut Jolokia
Sepia Serpent
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
White Bhut Jolokia
Giant white Hab
goronong habanero Pepper
Lava (all colors)
Chocolate bomb 
Brainstrain - choco-yella-red-purple
7pot bubble gum yellow-choc-brown-purple
Reaper x Brazilian ghost 
Bishop crown 
Butch x
Reaper x butch t
Orange moruga 
Yellow primo 
Red primo 
Chocolate primo 
White primo
Stripped bhut
Borg 9 chocolate 
Borg 9 red
Sepia serpent
Yellow infinity 
lava (all colors)
Well thats nothing wrong with that. I hope you get the seeds you need. I think that the pepper people here will like to help as long as they have the varieties you're looking for. Always be ready to help another chilihead :)
If I was closer and got those seeds... You'd get them.
Jamison said:
If I'm not mistaken,  you can purchase all those seeds from online suppliers.  Just a guess though.
Sorry, all.  I haven't yet had my morning coffee. The more I think about this, the more irritated I get.
"Vendors"  Wow!  Now there's an idea!   :D
Pepperlover, even in its greatly depleted condition, has many of the varieties on his list.
With two years to save his pennies, he still can't cough up beer money ($20~30 bucks) to purchase over a dozen varieties?   :violin:
Yet we are somehow expected to expend our time, money, seed bags, and stamps?
How many combined person-hours should we invest so that this guy can grow the peppers he so desperately needs?   :rolleyes: 
Better stop now, before I say something really rude...   :evil:


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Not only can you send him free stuff, you can also help Robert Slade Russell pay his rent.
If you don't know him or his situation, he is allegedly disabled and homeless. His mom died a couple years ago and apparently his family kicked him out of the family home and left him with nothing.He seems to have no qualms with asking for help. Only two problems: 1. he is not very good at asking, and 2. he is not very good at saying thank you when people do help him.
If you are of a mind to contribute to something, the Christopher Phillips Lukemia Fund would be a much better cause to contribute to.
I don't understand why people need to be negative? This is a completely volunteer thing.
If you want to help this guy out, no worries and if you don't then don't, but why criticize him?
Many people are in bad situations in today's economy and personally the kindness and 
generosity of the chili community has helped me a great deal in the past year. I laugh at
the hypocrisy that I see here. Some saying they are giving stuff away for free and others
saying why should I give away anything. I recently put some seeds up for sale here and
not one person on this entire  forum even had one bit of interest. I wonder how many people
would have been interested if I had said they were free? And just for the record, I gave away
seeds this season to people all over the world, also sold a few, but the sales were very small 
in comparison to the amount I gave away for free which I also paid postage out of my pocket.
In the case of the seeds I actually sold which was 40 seeds for $16 that people obviously felt
were too expensive, I promised a 3 pack of seeds plus a fourth pack for free, however to the
people that didn't bicker about the price and just simply paid me ended up with 6 varieties of
12-15 seeds rather then the original offer of 40 seeds. From here out I feel I have given back
to the chili world by "paying it forward" enough to be fair with the amount of people who willingly
helped me out this season. I will still continue to give back to people who helped me but for the
most part, I feel people can pay for my seeds. I just laugh at the negativity here and wonder how
many people who were not willing to pay $16 for some great seeds will go to the gas station tonight
and buy two packs of smokes and a 12 pack lmao! 

BTW Robert please give me some time to catch up on a few things and see how my final sales pan out

and I should be able to send you a few varieties of seeds for no cost to you. I don't care what your 
personal situation is because I simply don't mind giving away a few seeds to someone who has fallen
on hard times, after all, that's pretty much what 95% of the chili community does for others any way.
If Robert receives seeds for free to get started, maybe he can pass them on when he gets to the stage of having pods with new seeds. Or even seedlings. Sprout some plants and give them out in coffee cups to other people who might enjoy superhots. Seeds really are cheap. Postage and envelopes are cheap. Potting soil, planters, fertilizer, lighting, and bug control remedies are where the costs start to add up.


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BTW, Robert posted on Facebook tonight that his gofundme account has been compromised, so if you thought about contributing there, don't. He put an email address up for paypal contributions. If you are interested in contributing, I can probably find it for you.