wanted Looking to buy 7 pot burgandy seeds

Did you use all of your seeds up? Seems like a short period for seed potential to die out. I germinated 10 year old vendor seeds last year with near if not perfect results. I'd try them again with a chamomile soak or something, if you have more. I have a couple of 7Pot I haven't grown yet, but not that one, and the seeds are at least 3 years old. Wishing you some luck!
I've tried these seeds several ways, even doing a germ test. I got some seeds sent to me and I am hopeful that they will come up. I already shut down my grown room here, so these seeds are going to have to rely on mother natures heat to get em up.
I feel your pain! It took me some time to track down some Ayucllo seeds this past winter, and then not one of them sprouted for me. Same thing happened with the Mini-Olive Rocoto seeds I got from the other CF, first time around.. This year they sprouted for me, same batch of seed.
I have a 7pot Burgundy growing right now with pods starting to ripen. Can send you seeds when the pods are ripe but they are open pollinated with several other plants growing in close proximity, so cross pollination is very likely...