Looking to have someone help me Navigate making Chili oil in LA

helloooo out there, i am looking for someone to help me navigate getting all the right licenses in LA . I like most of you thought it was so easy as getting a Cottage License but alas my knowledge of cooking cannot help me navigate the laws.
Please help if there is anyone out there going through the same thing , or have been through the same thing. I will trade you my homemade chili crisp in return


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from the Pacific NorthWest!

Good luck getting your business established.


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Hello and welcome!

Couple suggestions: check in with your local Chamber of Commerce, see if you can find a local Farmer's Market, check your Community Colleges for classes on running cottage food businesses, and look around for an "incubator" type of shared commercial kitchen.

Also, reach out to your local Extension office - I got a lot of help from mine when I was getting started. They may not have the answers but they often know where to point you.

LA = Louisiana or Los Angeles?